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Look at me now, I’m losing control
I don’t know what to call myself
I know that I’m sick of playing a role
All along, I’ve been kidding myself, seeking out a set reality.
They say sanity is dictated by what the larger percentage of society sees. 
What does that mean? Clearly nothing. 
Psychology is not an exact science, in fact, there is no exact science, thoughit may seem. 
That means I’m okay and everything’s ok. 
Wrong again, I’ve been kidding myself. Life is falling apart at the seams. 
Somehow I’m doomed to go over the same ground in these 
compulsive circular thought patterns over and over time and again over and over time and again. 
I think I’ve got it all worked out and then I forget every conclusion drawn every epiphany, gone. 
I felt safe, then the walls came crashing in one day. 
Without warning, everything that I thought was stable deep in me starts to wash away. 

Metanoia - The Human Abstract